SOLVED reproduceable misbehavior whilst cleaning up a hymn

1 - open the attached project, ignore all the weirdness due to the removal of 40-odd flows.
2 - make sure to be in engrave mode and scroll to O Come O Come Emmanuel.
3 - make sure the graphic editing mode is engaged.
4 - select a lyric in the 4th verse in the middle system.
5 - press ALT-DOWN ARROW a few times to move the lyric down.
6 - as the lyric line moves downward, the chord symbols in the bottom system simultaneously jump upward.
7 - if you then try to reverse and press ALT-UP ARROW the chord symbols will jump up again.

Is this expected behavior? If so, what am I missing?

Again - I am very appreciative of this community in these troubled times.

Have another go at attaching the project, please.

retry - i was able to delete all the extra pages and still keep the misbehavior
Parish Worship Songbook 2020 - isolate (602 KB)

This is a bug that we have already fixed, but I’m afraid the fix won’t be available until the next version of Dorico is released. In the meantime, you should find that if you close and reopen the project, the misplaced chord symbols have returned to their appropriate positions.

ah, good to know. thx