[SOLVED] Reset SOME Dorico Defaults without Re-install?

Hi, all.

I made extensive changes to my Engraving Options for a piece and clicked “Save as Default” by mistake. I would like to reset everything to the Dorico defaults. Can I do this without re-installing? (As I would then lose my Page Layout defaults, which I want to keep).



Thanks, I had seen that thread but you’ll notice the solution listed deletes ALL settings, and I want to retain most of mine (just delete the page layout ones).

Sorry for the self-bump. Anybody?

Alternatively, is there a list of all the default Engraving Options so I can manually re-set everything?

If you reset Dorico options it only rests for NEW files and the one that’s currently open, not previously saved files.
You could always save your current file under a different name, THEN reset the defaults, then compare the new file against the old file.

Unfortunately, this isn’t practical for my piece 4 flows, almost 900 bars of music for full orchestra).

Would it work if I did the following:

  1. Close file
  2. Reset Dorico
  3. Open saved file -> Reset Engraving Options (but leave all others)

Additional question: If the above would work, would the file retain its playback settings (VST, instruments, expression maps, etc) or would it reset since I have a custom VST Whitelist and am using Aria Player?

I think you’re still misunderstanding. You can reset Dorico but your 900 bar piece will NOT reset. All of your settings changes will remain intact for that score, and any others you’ve worked on in the past.

Likewise the playback settings will remain intact, though I guess you may have to redo your custom whitelist (though I’m not entirely sure as that side of things doesn’t interest me).

And FWIW I wasn’t suggesting you compare 900 bars of music. I was suggesting you compare the layout/engraving/notation options of the two files. Relatively speaking, a pretty quick job, I would’ve thought.

Ah yes, you’re right, I did misunderstand, sorry. Thanks for the solution, I’ll give it a go.

Is there no way to use the cleanup tool the other user linked to just clean up the Engraving preferences?

In Engraving Options is there a Reset To Factory button in the bottom left corner?

If so, open a new or unimportant file, then go to Engraving Options. Click that button, then click Save as Default, then you should be good to go, I think.

The Dorico Team recommends saving a copy of your Whitelist file somewhere outside the Dorico Folder as insurance so you can restore it after a program update.

Just done a cursory google and found the following in the Dorico Version History document:

If you go to Engraving Options and hold Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) the “Reset to saved defaults” button will BECOME the “Reset to factory” button.

You can ignore the script entirely and do this within the program.

Amazing, this is a great tool. I tried mousing over the Reset buttons, but didn’t think to try hitting keyboard keys.


very good hint, thank you leo