[SOLVED]Resetting multiple Channel Faders only, to zero...

I’ve got 66 audio channel faders I want to reset to zero - and achieve it with minimal effort, ‘in one go’ so to speak. After having tried several methods, I’m stumped… The favourite was to select all and then CTRL+Click on one of the faders. But that only reset that fader. :astonished: :smiley:

Q-link and other link-channel nonsense doesn’t work; copy/paste channel settings does it for ALL settings (i.e. it’ll wipe out/add inserts where there are none, upon pasting etc.,). Absolute mode doesn’t work (how does that work anyway.!?). Looked into the PLE but don’t see any decent clues there to help.

Any help/advice please…?

Should work… Q-link and Abs works here for that.


Steve! Thank you for this!

Oh boy…! Thank you so much Steve… :slight_smile: Would you ruddy believe it; has to be the one combination of keys/buttons/modes that I hadn’t tried, out of plenty of other attempts on this. Honestly, I was at it for a good 40mins or so, with lots of cross-referencing the manual, back and forth etc,… Couldn’t crack it…

That’s great anyway - now I know how I can use the ABS mode… :wink: