[SOLVED] Rests refusing to hide

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering a very annoying issue with rests refusing to hide in measure 13 of the attached example (in the lower voice of the right hand of the piano). The quarter rest on beat 3 will hide using “remove rests,” but the half rest on beat 1 will not do the same. Additionally, if I’ve hidden the quarter rest and then attempt to hide the half rest (using “remove rests”), it not only refuses to cooperate, but the quarter rest reappears. Any solutions?

Thanks a bunch.

Have you checked voice colors? Just thinking out loud.

Welp… your thinking-out-loud just solved my problem. Turns out the issue was created by some changes I’d made in previous bars. I’d unknowingly used that same down-stem voice about 10 bars earlier, which caused that half rest to be un-hideable since it was ending a voice if I see this correctly. :unamused:

Problem solved! Thanks for the idea!

Great! Oh, and welcome to the forum.