[SOLVED] Rollback from Win11 to Win10 and now I can't activate the product anymore

Hi there,
my first message here, because can’t get an answer to my ticket support request (#471629) I sent over 4 days ago.
I’ve bought the latest Wavelab Elements 11 a few months ago, then I had to format my PC and now I can’t reactivate my product anymore, because it says that my license was already used.
Since Monday, nobody answered my ticket. I need the product for work. Hope I get more luck here.

This is the only way for this kind of problem. Try to be patient.

Software/license reactivation (requesting new activation codes) – Steinberg Support

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Thanks for the answer. I’ll keep waiting.
@Scab_Pickens unfortunately that procedure doesn’t work for my product, but thanks for your time.

That is definitely the standard procedure for reactivation. Where exactly do things go wrong. If you can provide more details there is a good chance someone here can help you.

You haven’t put the license onto a USB-eLicenser, have you? I’m assuming you are using the Soft-eLicenser …

Yes, I do use the software eLicenser. The problem is that on the reactivation page I can’t see my Wavelab product, just my old Cubase license.
After installed again the eLicenser software, now I have two eLicensers registered on “My Products → eLicensers” page, one with the Cubase license and another one empty. No trace of my WaveLab Elements 11 so I can’t request a new activation code.
I attached my proof of purchase and my download code within the ticket request. I guess I just have to wait a bit more.

Scratch that, I got it.
There was a missing step in my procedure. I had to register the software first (not the eLicenser that I already registered) clicking on the “Register eLicenser / software”. What confused me is that I thought that page is for eLicenser software registration only, instead of eLicenser AND Software registration. :sweat_smile:
Once got the trick, the procedure went on smoothly and now I can use the software again.
Thanks for your support!

Awesome! I’m glad you got it sorted and can use your software again. :sunglasses:

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I have bought wavelab elements but cannot verify it anyone had the same problem anyone got a solution?