[SOLVED] Routing to external Comp Cubase artist 8.5

Hello Guys, I just bought Cubase Artist 8.5 I have a Focusrite 18i20 which I am routing signal to an external Compressor.
Example: Drum Kit to Out 3 to the compressor, from the compressor to input 3 to an empty channel. I proceed to tweak what I want I think is good I print that and it sound different, I found that I am listening both signal together, because the print I did sound very different that what i just heard tweaking.

it does not suppose to out 3 and if I put the volume down on the compressor I should not hear the Kick? why I still hear it even when I am not routing to to master?
Please see my screenshot

Again this is Cubase Artist 8.5 the version 8.5.20 does the same

Thanks for your help in advance

The problem was that Focusrite Control has the all the Output 1 - 10 as DAW playback, once all OUTPUT channel 2 - 10 were deleted or mute just leaving Stereo Main out (1 & 2) the signal coming from the compressor INPUT 3 routing to Main can be heard and not the original take