SOLVED: Sample Tank demo riff won't turn off!

Hey guys,

I finally got Sample Tank working with Cubasis on my iPad. Thank to those who helped. Everything worked fine on the first song I mixed, but for some reason now whenever I try and use one of the samples the demo riff won’t stop playing over my midi track screwing it up.

If I just open ST I can select samples, but if I try via CB the demo keeps playing even if I restart one or both.

Any ideas???

Hi there,

Some of the lower keyboard notes of Sample Tank don’t trigger actual notes but these riffs/phrases. Every patch has different riffs/phrases. You have to look on SampleTank which notes you can play and which notes are triggers for the riffs.

I hope I can explain this ok.
I’ve got three songs I’m trying to mix using ST. One worked fine, but the other two, whenever I open ST via one of my midi tracks the ‘right wondow’ riff keep playing. Even if I stop them and move back to CB, when I play play my midi track in playing AND the riff too.

Is there maybe something triggering it?

If you are not using the riffs in SampleTank, can you check on SampleTank how to deactivate the triggering in general?

I’ve done a couple of searches, but can’t find anything.

I’ve just tried to convert a guitar midi track and it worked fine up to the last verse then the Riff triggered again.
This also made the audio track about 4 times longer because after the song finished, the riff keeps going on and on…

Here’s how to disable the riffs:

  1. Open Sampletank.
  2. Select the “PADS” tab.
  3. On the left of the screen you will see the “Patterns” section with 3 buttons - one with lines and 3 dots, one up arrow and one down arrow. The first button is the pattern button and is lit (on) by default.
  4. Tap the pattern button to turn it off. Now you can play lower notes without triggering riffs.

Unfortunately the riff button is always on by default. The good thing is that it is linked to presets so you can create a preset from scratch with the pattern button off especially for sequencing.