[SOLVED] Saving

Just spent an hour working on a project and not happy with what I done, how can I stop Cubasis saving all that and just keep what I had before I started. ??

In the MediaBay/Projects window you should see that your current project is highlighted, and to the right there’s a small camera icon. This will create a snapshot of where the project is now, and clicking the camera will add a project of the same name and the current date and time (I.e. Test 2017-09-03 0847).
So workflow wise, you would want to create a snapshot prior to starting a major editing session.

I do know what you mean though - coming from a pc I was in a habit of being selective when I hit Save (or being able to Save As). Pretty much all iOS apps work on this real time saving though, and snapshots are the way to go.

Thanks wigglelights, that’s obviously a new concept to me, like you Were I’m on PC. And looking to see if I can shrink my home studio by going down this new avenue. I can see how using the camera will work thanks to your explanation. Take a bit of getting us d too I suspect. No doubt I’ll be putting several questions on here in the coming months as I adjust.

Hi Roy,

As stated by wiggle lights, Cubasis saves projects automatically.
Additionally, the snapshot feature allows to create versions of your project in a specific state.

Please open the MediaBay chapter of the in-app help of Cubasis and scroll down to “Snapshot” to learn more about and how to use the feature.


Glad that helped

Glad to hear that, thanks for the update!