Solved Screwed up Channel Settings Window GUI

:point_right: Cubase PRO 10 Win:
:heavy_check_mark: Solution to the error:
I have seen that many of you have this graphic problem, what you have to do is restore the workspace.
Window menu > Windows. In the Windows window select the Channel Settings window, and click to Reset Layout button.
You can create a personal one that you can update and when the error returns apply the workspace.
Everything returns to its place :wink:

Solución al error:
He visto que muchos tenéis este problema gráfico, lo que tenéis que hacer es restablecer el espacio de trabajo.
Menú de la Windows> Ventanas. En la ventana de Windows, seleccione la ventana Configuración de canal y haga clic en el botón Restablecer diseño.
Podéis crear uno personal que puedes actualizar y cuando vuelva el error aplicar el espacio de trabajo. Todo vuelve a su sitio.


  1. This works only, if you are not using Workspaces in fact, so “No workspace” is selected in the Workspaces menu. It’s worth to mention, the Channel Settings Window will close after clicking to the “Reset Layout” button. So you have to reopen the Channel Strip Window. Then is the GUI fixed. If your preferences is set to load the project with it’s workspace (not “Last Used View”), it might happen you will face the problem again after loading another project.

  2. If you are really using Global or Program workspaces and there is Channel Settings window opened in one of your workspace and the Window Layout is broken in Cubase 10, follow this:
    2.1) Call the workspace.
    2.2) In the Windows window click to the “Reset Layout” (as mentioned above).
    2.3) Reopen the Channel Window, and place it where it should be.
    2.4) Update the Workspace.

  3. There is shorter way, how to Reset Layout directly from the Channel Settings window. Hold down Alt/Opt modifier and click to the Function menu of the Channel Settings window. The Reset Layout menu item appears in the drop-down menu (this menu entry is missing, if you don’t hold down the Alt/Opt modifier). The rest is the same, as if you click the Reset Layout button in the Windows window.

thank you guys -> problem solved at my end.

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! That one was a life-saver, I owe you a beer!
MUCHAS GRACIAS TIOS! Esta vez si que me salvaron de una, les quedo a deber una cerveza!