Solved: Selecting a dedicated song in a playlist via Midi

how can I select a special song e.g. song #3 from a playlist via a Midi programm change triggered from a Kemper Profiler ( I can send PC from any slot). I managed to step to the “next song” via midi this way but I have no idea how to change to a specific song (maybe the singer wants to play the songs in a different order than they are in the playlist…)
Thank you in advance!
Cheers, Rainer

Thank you very much musicullum! Works perfect.!Is the starting number fix or can I configure a startingnumer of the songs for example at 50? I´m asking because I use a mixer that should be switched also and I would like to syncronise the numbers… But anyway thanks for the solution and the very quick answer!
Cheers, Rainer

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Use “Select Song”. Data2 is the index to the Song, so for example

Status: Controller
Data 1: CC#2 Breath
Data2 from: 0
Data2 to: 127

…when Data2 is 3, it would select the 4th Song (Data2 index starts at 0).

Hope that helps.