[SOLVED] Sequencer question

Is Cubasis able to record midi from a digital piano and play it back to the piano?

The reason I ask is that I have bought two iPad so-called midi sequencing apps. One records midi but has no midi-out at all. The other records and has an on-screen piano keyboard that drives the piano using midi, but won’t play back recordings to the piano.

Garage Band records the piano but, of course, has no midi-out.

I have the Apple Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter and a USB cable to the digital piano.


Hi Julian,

you can record a MIDI IN signal to Cubasis and then have it routed to a MIDI OUT. A compatible device would be for example our own UR22mkII USB Audio Interface:


But if I understand you correct you connected the piano with a regular USB cable?


The iPad has a Lighting to USB 3 adapter (Apple), into which a USB cable plugs. The other end of the USB goes into the piano. This is USB midi, not audio. I want to play back the midi to the piano. I don’t want audio out of Cubasis in this instance.

I think I need to know:
a) will Cubasis recognise the USB adapter as midi in? Garage Band and the other sequencer apps I tried do so.
b) can I play back a midi recorded track (piano roll) to the USB adapter so the piano plays?



Hi Julian,

It is possible to use Apple’s Lighting to USB 3 adapter to connect an external keyboard to Cubasis and to trigger, record and playback its sounds.

It might be helpful to set the MIDI track to “No instrument” (tap the instrument button in the track list, choose “No Instrument” form the list) in that case.

Have a look at the inspector section of Cubasis’ in-app help to learn more about the routing options in this context:

Hope that helps to answer your question.


Thanks for your help. I shall buy Cubasis and give it a try.


I have now purchased Cubasis and can confirm that it allows me to record midi from my digital piano and play it back. It was really intuitive to start using and I was able to record after about 5 minutes exploring the app. Very impressed.


HI Julian,

and we are very happy to hear that it is working with the setup you are enjoying it! :wink:

Thanks & Best,