[SOLVED] 'Serious Problem' Crash when Using Ample Guitars

Hi Guys, I have a project with just two instruments in it and nothing else - Amples AGM2 & ABA2.

Everything was working great until I tried opening the project today and it threw up a ‘Serious Problem’ and crashed. This happens every time I try opening the project.

I attempted making a new project and loaded AGM2, then opened this instrument up and clicked on the guitar ‘tab’ button (which previously worked great), and attempted to load a Guitar Pro GP5 file and got another ‘Serious Problem’ error. This time, the program doesn’t die though.

Seems Cubase and these Ample products have had a serious falling out for some reason (and they were getting along so well :,(

Any suggestions? I have a dump / crash log but the forum wouldn’t allow me to upload it…

Edit: I will try loading a different gp5 file this evening (Thurs 8th dec)

For some reason it was just that particular gp5 file which was causing the problem. I created a new one and copied the material over as it would open in Guitar Pro fine, just not Cubase / Ample. Works fine again.