[SOLVED]: slicing beats w/ variable len hitpoints


I am following this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIvzLN3ORmw&t=228s to Sample and Slice Beats in Cubase Pro 8.5. I dropped the sample drum groove into GA SE, then sliced it. However, my hit point slices are of different length. Not matter what mod of slicing or grid resolution, I am using. As you can see the hit point slices have unequal length.

I have set the grid resolution on 1/8. I dragged the MIDI phrase to the host sequencer ( cubase in my case). Attached is my audio file ( .wav) if you want to test it, if you have time to help of course.

When I play it using the mapped keys on my Keyboard which triggers Groove Agent SE 4’s pad, even with the original tempo the result is not working.

Thank you very much in advance.

Stereo Out.wav.zip (527 KB)

What’s the problem with variable length hitpoints? The hits are different lengths so that has to happen.

The midi dragged into the project will play this at the same speed or faster and it just about survives quantise.
SLowing it down will leave gaps.

If you want to play it by hand or slower without it feeling as gappy you need to put a fade on each slice.

Thanks for the advice. I suppose you are talking about fade out. How can I fade out individual slides in GA SE? I cannot find it in manual.

Thanks again,

In the sample tab for each individual slice there are fade handles just like in the project window.

Or you could play with the envelope which can be adjusted across all samples at once if you shift select all the pads.

I guess this is more like a mystery.
I gave up!

Thank you.