Solved: Software Disappearing from MySteinberg & eLicenser

“Blues Essentials” (BE), and all from the, “Acoustic Agent Bundle” have been bought (attached part of receipt

), installed and working on my PC since Oct 2015. After a few days away from my DAW, I return to discover a Cubase 8.5 giving my BE license errors. I have run a reinstall on the BE. I have run the maintenance feature in eLicensor. I still got the error, “Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or trial licenses have expired. Blues Essentials, Blues Essentials”

I login to MySteinberg and discover BE is no longer there! Only Jazz Essentials & Funk Essentials of the 3 Acoustic Bundle software are listed!

Hey- STEINY… Who’s taking legitimate software out of my MySteinberg licensing accounts and why? Has anyone else had this problem of disappearing software? Have I been ‘digitally Mugged’!?

I would contact support directly through your MySteinberg.

Note that these expansions don’t require the USB-eLicenser. It’s possible that their licenses are stored in a Soft-eLicenser. You should check that if you used another computer in the past few months.

Also check your email and try to use the activation codes for the expansions. What does the eLicenser Control Center say?

Thanks for your response Romantique Tp … I have not used my Bundles on any other PC. My eLicenser has no entry of the Blues Essentials. It’s as if, I never had it installed! Thus, I cannot get an activation code from “MySteinberg”. Nor can I open a screen to reinstall a code. If memory serves me, the codes were included in the original Download which is not in my MySteinberg!

I have opened a Trouble Ticket with Steiny, and sent them my purchase receipt. I’m awaiting resolution. (Good thing I keep copies of receipts over a year old.)

Problem solved! The good Techies at Steinberg have replaced my missing software in MySteinberg, issued an activation code, and I’ve successfully re-licensed it in eLicensor! I stil don’t know how/why software bought and used for 10-months suddenly, disappears from my Steiny account but- Thanks for your quick resolve Tech Support! :slight_smile: