[Solved] Solo / Mute Not Working With New Expression Maps


My Solo and Mute buttons on the Mixer are not working. If I Solo an instrument, the correct buttons light up, ie the Solo turns red and the others are green, however, none of the instruments play.

If I reset all Solo/Mute buttons I have full playback.

I should add that this is using GPO5 with new Expression Maps I made this morning. I was able to solo and mute instruments with HALion before I changed to GPO5 and made my own expression maps.

Hopefully this is just something I’ve missed and would appreciate any help.



Are you using the Mutiple output version of ARIA or the regular one?

If you are using the multiple output version, be sure to assign the audio outputs in ARIA so they correspond with Dorico’s Mixer.

If you are using the regular version of ARIA, it will only give you a single set of stereo outputs. You will NOT be able to mute/solo individual instruments from the Dorico Mixer, but instead you’ll use ARIA’s own built in Mixer.

Hello Brian,

I’ve found what it was.

I had set everything in my original score using ARIA’s Multiple stereo pairs outs and everything was working fine.

I then created my Expression Maps and assigned them to ARIA but, somehow, in the process ARIA had reset to single stereo out.

I reset the channels using ARIA’s multiple stereo outs as I had originally and everything worked again.

Thanks for all your help with the Expression Maps and for replying here. It really is very much appreciated.

Best wishes,