[SOLVED]: Some project disactivate keyboard short-cuts

Yeah. Seems like a bug to me.

When I open one of my projects all the “special” keyboard shortcuts are disabled, thou something like Save (CTRL+S) DOES work. But pretty much nothing else. Not G or H zooming keys nor the custom shortcuts that I’ve made myself. It didn’t do that first but it suddenly started.

And when I close that project, the shortcuts (like CTRL+N - New Project) still don’t work. BUT when I open another project by mouse, the keyboard SC’s are again activated and work perfectly. And when opening again that problematic project, the SC’s are gone again.

It’s strange that even after closing that project with this dilemma, the shortcuts are not enabled but it seems like that particular project manages to mess something up in Cubase in core level. No permanently - thank God - but anyhow.

Anyone else noticed this, or am I the only poor fellow here?

Do you have the Virtual Keyboard open on the transport? It sounds almost exactly like that. Wouldn’t explain why it’s not there when you reopen though.

YES IT IS :smiley: Darn, I didn’t realize that! A HUGE HUGE thank you! :slight_smile:

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