[SOLVED] Sonarworks SoundID Reference and RME DigiCheck NG

Hey guys,
this is not a Steinberg related question, but the fact that here are lots of audiophile people using lots of different tools, makes me wonder if somebody has a solution for my problem.

I’m using SoundID Reference for room correction and RMEs DigiCheck NG for metering / analyzing.

Outside my DAW (Nuendo 12.0.70), when using SoundID Reference as standalone systemwide app, I’m always facing the problem, that DigiCheck NG only analyzes the “wrong”, already manipulated audio signal from SoundID Reference.

I would need a solution to either route the original audio signal (YouTube stream or audiofile played via mediaplayer or …) in parallel to my Fireface UFX+ / DigiCheck NG and SoundID Reference, or set the order that the audio signal first hits the Fireface audio driver / DigiCheck NG and afterwards SoundID Reference.

Any ideas how to achieve that? I’m on Mac Ventura, already tried Black Hole, but no success.

Inside Nuendo I have no problem, because there I can route everything in the way it works. I need a solution for the systemwide scenario.

Maybe someone can help me out, thanks in advance and all the best

Hi, I’ve found the solution directly in macOS Ventura.
Create a new Multi-Output device in the Audio-Midi settings. Then just add your RME audio interface as a master and also add SoundID Reference.
macOS sends the audio stream on 1 and 2, so I have my DigiCheck NG analyzing 1 and 2. I’ve set SoundID to my Fireface 3 and 4. Now everything works as I wanted.