[Solved] Sound problem with cubase 8.5

Hello everyone,

I will clearly try to explain my problem but feel
to tell me if that is not enough.

So I just bought Cubase 8.5 and the first concern I had was
at the preview of the media bay. This preview was not working
when I installed version 8.5. I found the solution by turning off the control room .

In short, it brings me today is noon. When I’m on midi track and
my project is playing - I do not register, I read only - and I tapping on my master keyboard
all is well.

By cons when I restart playback, Cubase recorded what I was playing on my keyboard while recording
was not triggered.

Do you have a solution because it is impossible to work with this problem?

Thank you !

  • Cubase 8.5.2
  • M-Audio Oxygen 61 MK4

Can you please explain your problem more detailed, i did not understand it. i`ve got Cubase Pro 8.5 and M-Audio Oxygen 49
(nearly the same conditions as you).

Ok I will try :wink:

So I have my project contains multiple audio and MIDI tracks.
I select a midi track and I start playing the project. I make some
testing on this midi track but i’'m not recording.

I stop reading and return to the beginning. I replays and there
I realize that Cubase has record my previous tests.

The problem is that there is no container on this track impossible
remove what is played .

Is this clearer?

Thank you

Bear in mind that Cubase will record on ANY track with record enabled…not only the highlighted track.

So possibly you have recorded into another track?

Recording when only playing will happen if you have auto punch in selected

are you in cycle mode when you playing back or just let it go continued further forward?

— the recorded MIDI-Notes are not in an event or part? Can you maybe make a screenshot of this?

Sorry for the response time !

Thank you all for your answers, in fact I understood. It is simply the chord track
that was mismanaged and that took into account the tracks she was not.

That is why the instruments were playing alone :laughing:. Like what, we are not immune
from “dumb” mistakes because I use Cubase since version SX .

More fear than harm and thank you again to help everyone!

Good music to you :slight_smile: