(Solved) Soundcards that work with Cubasis and iPad

I urgently need to find a soundcard that works with an Ipad Pro and Cubasis 3.5

I’d really appreciate to hear from users who can confirm they have actually recorded audio themselves into an iPad using Cubasis 3.5

Any manufacturer’s soundcard, just as long as it’s working for you.

Many thanks.

I’m very happy with my Behringer XR18 mixer as an 18/18 audio interface. Relative to other interfaces with similar I/O, it’s an excellent value.

As the XR18 is a full digital mixer, there may be a bit more of a learning curve than a simpler interface. However, 18 inputs, 8 busses, 2 main and 6 Aux outputs made it worth the extra time to learn how to use this powerful stage box format device. As a bonus, the built in digital effects are surprisingly good, making podcasting and webinar work easier.

Be aware that while the XR18 has excellent, Midas-designed mic preamps, it supports only a maximum 24 bit, 48 kHz AD/DA.

Hi - thank you for your reply. And does it definitely work with Cubasis and an iPad Pro? So I can use the XR18 inputs and route them straight to the XR18?? ( I have an XR18 )

I have iPadOS 16.3 and many users are reporting incompatibility problems with soundcards.

It has been 100% reliable. Just for the heck of it, I walked across our home to my studio and turned everything on.

My 2018 iPad Pro 11” running iOS 16.2 connected instantly to the XR18. Cubasis 3.51 sees 18 channels over USB, and audio played perfectly.

I love my XR18. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in equipping my rig (ok, next to my semi-hollow body electric, base keyboard, upper keyboard, synth and sampler - yeah, I love my awesome gear!).

Make sure you have a quality USB hub/power supply between the two. The Apple USB C AV adapters are safe choices, but I’ve also had good results with the Anker 6 in 1 and the ADG 9 in 1, both of which feature Ethernet, HDMI AND USB hub functionality.

Thank you for taking the time to do this - appreciated. Please let me know if it still works with 16.3. when you update. I’m going to try it soon and will report back.

Gladly. I started the update now.

Tomorrow morning (Israel time) I’ll give it a spin with 16.3 in place.

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I would hang on to 16.2 for now.

Cubasis and Nuendo see the XR18


The ipad pro crashes as soon as I enter SETUP

And Cubasis is blissfully ignoring the input channel hand-shake
It can see all of them.
I can choose any of them.

But no audio input is getting to the channel.
Impossible to record.

However - if you do get it to work, please let me know.

And thank you again.

Thanks Dave. I didn’t allow the iPad to update to 16.3, due to your report.

Assuming you’re running Nuendo on a Mac or Windows. I’m not aware of an iPad version.

Hi @Dave_Wise,

I have iPadOS 16.3 and many users are reporting incompatibility problems with soundcards.

Apart from your report we are unaware about any problems. Which users you are referring to?


I’m asking if you can confirm that Cubasis works with either an ipad Air or ipad Pro using an M1 / M2 chip - running ipadOS 16.3

Specifically - the input channels being assigned to the correct track and being able to record a live input.
Outputs are working as expected.

I’d really appreciate if you could confirm this?

Many thanks.

( Both my Steinberg UR44 and Behringher XR18 have the same problem. I can assign channels - but nothing records. Both soundcards work as expected with Nuendo )

Yes - Nuendo is running on my PC.

The Steinberg UR44 and XR18 work as expected with Nuendo.

I have previously had Cubasis 2 running on a non M1 ipad.
If you update to 16.3 - you would need to know you can roll back.

Thank you again.

Lars - unfortunately - there IS a problem.
More unfortunately - it’s not really your problem - you’ve inherited it from Apple.
Please test a 2022 Ipad Pro or iPad Air with either an M1 or an M2 running iPados 16.3 with Cubasis 3.
If you find the same issue, could Steinberg let Apple know - it will carry more weight.

Cubasis is working perfectly on my iPhone. Which is an iPhone 7 plus.
It works ‘very’ well on the iphone.

Which is great because I now have a solution, even if not the ideal solution.
I can record on my iPhone - and edit on my ipad with the bigger screen.
Hopefully, Apple will resolve this soon.

Regards, David

Hi @Dave_Wise,

Your issue has been shared with the team.
Please await our feedback.


Thank you Lars, appreciated.


Hi Lars, first of all thank you for looking into this.

Settings > Microphone> “ON”

External Soundcards now work.

My error:

By default, on initial setup - for security. I had set the internal ipad microphone to off.
And forgot about it.

Now, with the internal iPad microphone being physically different to an external soundcard, I would have made a distinction. iPadOS 16.3 doesn’t.
Permissions are set by allowing ‘microphone’ on. ( even though when using an external soundcard - the internal microphone is disabled )
Which really means ‘any audio input’

That same ‘logic’ also applies for other unexpected non-audio permissions on the iPad.
Hunting down the pertinent check box is essential.

Apologies for not realizing this sooner.

My iPad Pro is now happily working as expected with Cubasis and my UR44.
It really is a great solution for mobile recording and sketching ideas when away from my studio.
No fan noise. Huge advantage when recording acoustic instruments.
Easy to get through Security when travelling
Easy to hook up a larger external screen and connect fast external NV drives / SD cards
Data easily integrated with Nuendo

Thank you for your posts.

Cubasis does work with iPadOS 16.3

The solution is to make sure the internal soundcard is set to on
Even though the iPad will not use this with an external soundcard.

I now have Cubasis working very happily with IpadOS 16.3 and my UR44
( It also works with my XR18 - however, due to another non audio problem - the wifi and the XR editor are presently conflicted )

Hi @Dave_Wise,

Thanks for your updated message. Glad to read you’ve been able to resolve the problem yourself via enabling Mic use in the Apple Privacy Setting.

As stated above: Cubasis for iOS fully supports using Class Compliant audio devices. And we are unaware about any issues in this regard.


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