[solved] Staff labels in different flows

Hi all.

I’m working on a piece for viola and piano that has two movements, each movement created in its own flow.

At the beginning of the first movement I want the default staff labels for ‘viola’ and piano’ and then abbreviated form on subsequent staves.

However, I don’t want the full staff label at the beginning of the second flow, just a continuation of the abbrevaited form.

I can’t for the life of me work out how to change the ‘staff labels on first system’ option in ‘layout options’ for each flow independantly. I’m sure it must be possible and I have hunted around for clues, but I’m definitely stuck!

Thanks in advance.

Insert a System Break at the beginning of the second (and third) flow. Select (highlight) it’s flag. Then in Properties you can choose how the individual labels should be displayed.

Thanks k_b

I got as far as selecting the flag, but where are the Properties for said flag?

Aha! It’s a Frame Break that’s required, not a System Break.

Thanks k_b

Create a system break at the very beginning of Flow 2. Select the system break, open the properties panel and edit the ‘Staff labels’ property.

If you have many flows, you can do it the other way around - set the layout options to always use abbreviated labels, and change the first flow manually.

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