(SOLVED) Stage Manager is getting in the way of Transport controls

Hi there,

I tried using Cubasis with Stage Manager enabled on my iPad pro and it appears that the “three dots” control at the very top kind of overlaps with the transport controls and it is hard to trigger playback reliably.

It would be better if the transport controls would have the ability to adapt to this by shifting out of the way or placing them into another area.

On a side note: it would be awesome if Cubasis could make full use of stage manager possibilities, like multiple windows and multi-monitor support and stuff. Would shell out money for that if there was ever a Cubasis 4 release supporting this :+1:

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Hi @dreikelvin,

The issue will be addressed in the upcoming Cubasis update.
However it might take time until the update will be ready to be released.



Thanks for the update, appreciating this!

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Hi. Just checking to see if there is any update regarding Cubasis and its use of Stage Manager on the iPad. Thanks.

Hi @keopathy,

Thanks for your message.

In a previous Cubasis update we’ve added the “Show Status Bar” setup option (located under “Setup/User Interface”, to address this. Please find more details in the pasted manual description below…


Show Status Bar
Available on iPad only. Toggles the iPadOS status bar that displays the time, battery status and other info icons. When using Stage Manager (introduced with iPadOS 16), it is strongly recommended to enable the status bar because otherwise, Stage Manager’s center “…” button covers the play and cycle buttons of Cubasis.

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Hi @LSlowak , thanks for getting back to me so swiftly - that sounds great.
I have a follow up question- does Cubasis work on an external monitor using Stage Manager, in particular, can Cubasis be expanded to fill the whole window on the external monitor or is the image on the iPad just mirrored on the external monitor. Sorry, quite specific I know. Thanks again. Andy