[SOLVED] Static Ever 3 Bars, Audio Not Keeping Time


When listening to the demo track via headphones thru the UR22MKII I hear an audio glitch every 3 bars or so plus the audio skips and is not keeping time–I enabled the metronome to check this. When listening to the demo song on the iPad speakers and the UR22 disconnected the song sounds great. There is also latency when listening to non-Cubasis LE audio (system audio, other soft synths, etc) thru the UR22 headphones.

The UR22 5v connecter is being used with the power selector in the proper position and the other end of the cable plugged into a working power strip.

iPad Pro First Generation ML0Q2LL/A
iOS 10.2

Hi Jreber67,

Thanks for your message.

Please make sure to install the latest available UR22mKII firmware update that resolves audio recording and playback issues on iOS 10:



I assume this should help to solve the current issues.
Please let me know if it does…


I installed the latest driver moments ago and this fixed all of the issues that I had. Thanks for the very quick response.

Thanks for the update!
Glad to hear it helped to solve the issue!