[Solved]Still problems in the 7.03 never had so much trouble

Well just loaded up the new version 7.03 and now I have grid line problems on the mixer they keep vanishing and coming back. Did not have this in 7.02 Also my projects from Cubase 6.5 are still causing me massive issues they will not load my UAD1 plugins correct. If I start Cubase in it’s own and do a brand new project the UAD1 PLUGINS WORK so what is the problem bringing them over from 6.5??? As soon as I close Cubase with any of the 6.5 songs that have used the UAD1 plugins it crashes to a BLUE SCREEN. Back to 6.5 again to carry on mixing those tracks that were done in 6.5 using UAD1 plugins. What a nightmare
I have hardly used 7 yet think I have done 2 song ideas in it so far and those tracks are using UAD1 plugins without issues and I get no BLUE SCREEN when closing Cubase.
PLEASE SB tell me what my problem IS you have had all the dump files off me from 7.02 problems which were the same it has not gone away and you never got back to me with a report on what you found?
So far wish I had not bought 7 what’s the point if I can not mix my 6.5 tracks in it!!!

It’s what made me leave Logic years ago… After what Apple did to Emagics Logic 6 and how it affected the workflow (not that I’m saying Cubase 7 does that). I guess I just wish Steinberg would see the severity of such a release and how it ultimately impacts their reputation. For my part I’m bitterly disappointed and frustrated and have never spent that much time on a forum before. (Having said that I’d rather eat my foot than having to go back to Logic…)

Maybe it’s time Yamaha does some house cleaning… or maybe they need to stop putting pressure on SB to add ‘fluff’ to Cubase and focus on keeping it the solid app it used to be. Me for my port don’t need new plugs and synths and so on. I just need a rock solid DAW, like C6.5…

I just need a rock solid DAW, like C6.5…[/quote]

Yep totally agree while I like some of the new things it’s all about work flow and speed of doing stuff. It’s a waste of time if all am doing is getting crashes on loading 6.5 projects into it. I am lost for words really this time over a new version I have never seen so many issues on the forums over Cubase. If it does not get sorted soon I think I will get my money back as am not using it! 6.5 has never given me these types of crashes and hanging screens and also the worst thing for me has been the BLUE SCREEN which I have never had for years but 7 is doing it to my system all the time. SB have blamed all my hardware?? Why should it be my hardware when 6.5 is rock solid. There has to be a programming problem at their end they have over looked. I have sent a request form yet again for answers.

Yes exactly, that’s a good point. I understand the Windows situation is a bit more tricky in regards to components, but there is really nothing ‘exotic’ at the Mac hardware side. I’m still in shock that an update like this could pass beta phase…

Here’s how you fix that 6.5 load into 7. Load the project, then open the first uad plugin insert slot. Open the plugin and choose the correct setting from memory. When 7 asks you’ Keep?’, click yes. When you save it, all the other uad inserts will correct themselves. I had the same problem with my Waves plugins too. I composed a post about it but then I ‘Kept/Saved’ the plugin change and everything fell in place.

I think there is something screwy with the ‘Keep/Save’ window, that’s all. It doesn’t speak my language. Ha!

Cheers for that will try as it’s doing my head in as I am in the mixing processes of a load of tracks and it would be nice to mix them in 7. I have got grid line problems at the mo in the new update they keep vanishing and coming back when the mouse is moved over them!!! Very odd when 7.02 didn’t do it. Still think they have some way to go to get rid of all these bugs

Right got my UAD1 working perfect now so glad for that. I am still having problems with songs brought over from 6.5 that is defo a SB problem it has to be the programming of 7. The only way round it is to close the 6.5 song in 7 first then open a new project window then close that then close 7 and I don’t get the Blue Screen. What a carry on SB please get these things fixed ASAP

don’t mean to be rude, an honest suggestion-- why not stay with the stable 6.5? i stay a version behind with near most of my crucial applications that i use for work (and cant afford to have them crash in front of clients etc). saves so much time, if it ain’t broken don’ fix it.

Totally agree with you am only using 7 when I am not working on major stuff. I would hate it if it went down in front of paying clients. In fact I am totally staying in 6.5 I tried out 7.03 again tonight and I have more issues. Spiking on projects that run perfect in 6.5 and also Cubase 7 told me tonight I had run out of mem?? Same project in 6.5 NO such problems. What the heck are SB playing at

Cubase 7 problems solved. There was a low level driver from Deamon Tools that was causing my BSOD issues that is now totally sorted took Deamon Tools off. I have also sorted the realtime meter spike problems 7 was loading up the old Preference file from 6.5 moved the old one to the desktop and I deleted 7s preference file loaded 7 up and It all works now NO spikes :smiley: