[SOLVED] Strange things help

Hello guys.i have update cubasis to 2.3.i have an ipad pro 10.5 and all worked well till now.
Problem 1
When i move the mixer faders,the track jumps.:joy: like a glitch or somethingā€¦please watch the video i uploaded to get a better understanding.and some of my projects wont open.cubasis stay on the loading plugins page for ages
Problem 2
I havr a problem with zeeon too.when i use it as an Au and restart cubasis,zeeon goes back to the init preset instead of the preset i was working with.agian watch video to understand better.it only does this in cubasis BM3 works fine

Hi John1289,

BTW, some tasty music you create with Cubasis, interested in hearing moreā€¦

Re. Problem 1:
Mixer channel strips are linked to corresponding tracks of the track list.
It is intended behaviour that touching a track in the track list, or strip in the mixer lead to activate its counterpart.

Re. Problem 2:
It looks like Zeeonā€™s currently loaded presets does not get remembered, when re-loading the Cubasis project.
We will exchange with Jarek from BPST regarding the issue.


Regarding Zeeon, please read here:

Thanks lars for the complimentā€¦i would make sure to bring some more videos.i am ecen thinking about making tutorials on how to produce with cubasis.like a weekly thing.hope to get it doneā€¦and getting back to my problem.the faders jump making the adudio glitchā€¦i will try and make a new video to show you the problem.

Hi Johzn1289,

Jarek from BeepStreet announced the availability of the Zeeon update (v1.4) in the AppStore, addressing the current Cubasis issues.