[Solved]"Studio PASS" work with Android?

Will “Studio PASS” work with Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and SONY Ericssons Xperia?

I don’t understand why you only support iPhone? :unamused:

Why not Androids phone like Samsung Galaxy S4 and SONY Ericssons Xperia etc.?
Android is the leader on the European market and growing everyday…

Thanks in advance!

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exactly , as soon a I saw that I knew my wallet would stay in de pocket

Aloha guys,

I have read that it has something to do with the way
the Android protocol/OS handles audio.

Makes it more difficult for developers.

Have also read Google will soon fix this in an updated OS.
Stand by.

it’s already been fixed apparently that is why IC pro has gone forward for beta testing a 2 months ago , so no new news there im afraid

Got it!

Should be soon then.

Well, it is still more difficult to do an audio app for Android. Also, Cubase iC Pro is not streaming any audio, it is just a remote.
Nevertheless, we are of course evaluating the possibilities here as well.

I would be very surprised if the programmers couldn’t make a simple Android app? They can make and program a world-class complex systems like Cubase and Nuendo but not a simple basic program like an Andriod app?

In comparisons, it would be like a world-class virtuose pianist couldn’t play “twinkle twinkle little star”? :unamused:
I’m glad you looking into this. I’m a potential buyer if you add this.

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Freddie :slight_smile:

:laughing: sometimes the simple things are the hardest !