[SOLVED] supported hardware to unlock

I just installed Cubase LE app on my new iPad expecting to do basic mixes of tracks recorded in Cubase 6. However I can’t even get past demo stage as neither of the Cubase compatible hardware devices I own (Yamaha n12, or Tascam US-122) are listed as supported hardware. Do I really have to buy more hardware to unlock and run this “light” version"; or does anyone have any other ideas please?

Hi Dennis,

As of yet, Cubasis LE can be unlocked via a compatible hardware device only (unless unlocked the app will run in demo mode only).

Please find further information, tutorial videos and the list of compatible devices on the Cubasis LE product page:


If you’re interested to learn what the regular Cubasis app has to offer, please visit the Cubasis product page:


Hope that helps,

Alesis core is on the list, but Alesis Core1 doesn’t unlock Cubasis Le. Will It be possible for the next release ?


Cubasis LE 1.9.8 supports Alesis’ Core already to unlock the LE feature set.
We gave it another quick check this morning and confirm it to work.

Please note that I’ve been informed by Alesis that their previous Core 1 is not compatible with Cubasis LE.

Best wishes,

When I bought the Alesis Audio interface Core 1, the licence for cubase Le was included. I supposed that it means as well cubasis Le for IPad !
For a future upgrade that include the possibility to unlock cubasis Le, ils it on your side or Alesis side ?
Best regards

Hi Loac,

Cubase LE is our desktop product for Win / Mac OS X, Cubasis LE is for the iPad.
As of now, Alesis’ Core is the only device that can be used to unlock Cubasis LE.

Please get back to Alesis in case of further questions.