Solved: The speaker icon in the Editor window - produces no sound?

In my Editor window if I select the Speaker icon to listen to a section of my event, if I drop the speaker onto the event in the editor and then hold my left click down, a blue color appears on the event starting at the speaker icon - somewhat as if there is sound emanating from the speaker - but I hear no sound. Do I need to change something in my Preference file to hear sound in the Editor when using the Speaker icon? The same is true of the Scrub feature, there is no sound. What am I doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated


It seems that the Editor is connected directly to the CR. In my setup, I have two outputs connected to the CR that are not connected to any monitors. I still want to see the CR but if I assign a duplicate pair of outputs to the Mains and the CR, this is a parallel connection that overloads my monitors. My only solution is to connect the output pair on my Main to the CR when using the Editor, and then disconnect them when I’m done with the editor. A total butt hurt, imo.

If anybody has a workaround or sees some way to use the CR (short of turning it’s volume down) while connected to the same output pair I would be excited to hear about this. :exclamation: (Read below)….

Talking with some other forum members it seems that - apparently - I should have the monitors connected to the CR output and not connected to the Outputs found in the Audio Connections window…because this is how Cubase10 was meant to be routed. Coming from SX3 (and a very simple interface with one Stereo Pair out - and an 6 bus external headphone monitoring system) I have never connected to anything but the outputs I found in the ‘Output’ tab. Also time was when the ‘Click’ tab was always located on this Output tab path which encouraged me to stay with it. But these days the Click control is in the CR, and myself and everyone else seem to have interfaces with multiple outputs, so… Lastly, standing back a bit, it does seem that the Output section is more like an ‘external-out’ routing hub. Hm…

So at this point I’ve changed the outputs in my Projects and my Templates, incorporating the CR as my Main output path, everything seems fine and I have sounds from my Editor. I been schooled, thank you!!


What was the solution (if anyone would search for the same), please? probably.