[Solved]These two should match exactly, shouldn't they.?

Hello - I am pressing the ‘Check CD Conformity’ button on the toolbar to get the small dialog box pop-up. It gives a figure for CD length. The other readout from under the CD Tab Toolbar is for Total CD time. Why the difference in the figures…?
WLab10_CD timings.jpg

From your picture, it looks like the pre-gap (75 CD-frames = 1 second) is the difference…

Thank you.

I thought I’d experimented with exactly this, and had not seen any change; but perhaps I misread something… I’ll try again and look more closely.

In any case, to avoid any confusion, wouldn’t you expect these two values to match - going literally by their descriptions.? ‘CD length’ vs ‘Total CD Time’ - aren’t they the same thing…?

Redbook CD pre-gap is.two seconds, not one second.

This feels like something different.

And FWIW, WaveLab handles the pregap for you so basicially, you can just forgot about it as far as the timeline is concerned, and you can choose to show or hide it on your PQ report.

Thanks JustinP - yes, agreed; and pretty much how I’ve been handling these jobs (setting and forgetting) so far… However, a client request started this little adventure, to play with these timings - and which led me to notice the difference with these two readouts.

I’m not over-concerned; am getting on with it…

Would like to know why the difference in values… what are these distinctly informing me of…?

(haven’t been able to do any more experimenting as yet)

I don’t think the Redbook 2 second pre-gap would show up in these lists, so my assumption was that it was a manually added pre-gap (to reach a total of 3 seconds). So @Puma0382, did you add the pregap there yourself?

My guess is some slightly sloppy rounding errors by WaveLab.

One looks to be in CD frames, and the other in minutes/seconds.

Hi - yes, I set the pre-gap here, as one of my experiments.

But no worries; I think having just read @JustinP’s note below yours, I’m more ready to agree with him - this is just a bit of a WL error/misbehaviour… :wink:

Yes - thanks; I’m going with that, and leaving it here…

Marking as ‘Solved’ and forgetting about it.

Thanks guys