[SOLVED] Time stretching speech and vocal recordings

Hey guys,

I’m curious how you time stretch speech (voice overs) and vocal recordings in Nuendo / Cubase (keep tonality, no pitch shifting!)?
I’m not very satisfied with the built in time stretching algorhythms (élastique/MPEX/Standard). There are always bad and metallic sounding artefacts as soon as you tweak it, also with very low percentage of stretching… useless wit bigger amount of stretching percentage.

Which algorhythm works best for you?
I’m always switching DAW and move over to FL Studio, because the FL built in time stretching algorhythm for speech / vocals is just amazing!!
You nearly hear no artefacts even on heavier processing like 10 to 15% slower / faster…


I use Time Stretch with Standard - Vocals algorithm. That one works for voiceovers for me.

same here.

really…? :wink:
as far as I know, in FL Fruity Loops works the same zPlane Elastique algo as in Cubase/Nuendo…


Thx guys for your answers, I’ll give it a try…
Allthough I’m a bit more satisfied with the result from FL