[Solved] Tooltip feature request

We have several situations where it would be nice to be able to change a control or view’s tooltip on the fly. For example, if a control is disabled due to some sate of the plug-in, we’d like to state why that control is disabled and how to re-enable it. Or if a button changes the action it will take when pressed depending upon some plug-in state.

Currently, vstgui does not allow controls to change their tooltips (which we define in the uidescription file). So, for controls that we want to have show a different tooltip when disabled, we have to show a transparent view over the control that has the disabled version of the tooltip.

It would be nice (and more object-oriented) if the tooltip system asked the current control what its tooltip is, via a virtual function getTooltip(). That would allow controls and views to return whatever tooltip is appropriate for the moment, not just one generic tooltip.

Just a suggestion…

You can already update the tooltip of a view :

std::string text = "example tooltip";
view->setAttribute (kCViewTooltipAttribute, text.size ()+1, text.data ());


Oh, excellent! Thanks, Arne!