[Solved] Tr playback definition: EW Hollywood does not distinguish between HT and WT

I am trying to set up some Expression maps for the EW Hollywood orchestra. When it comes to trills, I do not know how to tell the lib to use a whole tone patch instead of a half tone patch. At the marked place in the score excpert (attached image) EW / Dorico still uses the “Trill half tone” patch.

What do I have to do / configure to address the whole tone patch?

On a side note: Is there an option to make the wiggly lines of a trill stop before the grace notes?

There’s no option specifically to stop trill wiggles (I initially typed “triggles” there and suggest that’s what we call them from now on!) before grace notes.

What does the documentation for EW Hollywood Orchestra say regarding choosing between half-step and whole-step trills?

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I love “triggles” :slight_smile:

The manual mentions Dorico only once (in the context of VST compatibility). Otherwise EW Hollywood Orchestra offers key switches to address HT and WT trills (screenshot). Any way to address them individually from inside Dorico’s trills?

(I know how to create a common playing techniques with a “tr” glyph and hook that up to the Expression map [at least I think I know how to do that], but that looses all the tr functionalities Dorico offers.)

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 10.00.43

If you choose between half-step and whole-step trills using key switches, then that’s what you should do in your Dorico expression map: define the appropriate key switch for each of the Trill (half-step) and Trill (whole-step) playback techniques.

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The EW key switches where not the same in Dorico, so the WT tr didn’t trigger. Sorry! Everything working finde :slight_smile:
Thank you, @dspreadbury !