SOLVED: Track Delay over -250ms doesn't work

When using track delays over -250ms, the MIDI info is all over the place.
It’s fairly easy to reproduce:

  • Create a simple track with a click sound.
  • Create a midi region with some rhythm.
  • Set Track Delay to something above -250ms.
  • Compensate by moving the notes equal amount counter.

The behaviour can be seen in this video:

Cubase 9.5.30, MacOS 10.12.6

There is a setting in preferences->midi at the bottom - midi max feedback - which is 250ms on my system.

It could be exceeding this in making midi play early - limit your value for track.

Try increase that value then your track delay might work, have not tried really, just think it is too much of a coincidence.


I cannot reproduce it here (Cubase 9.5.41). Could you please attach the project and maybe your preferences, please?

YES. Thank you Martin and for pointing the attention to that menu.

Changing the MIDI Latency Mode to “Normal” or “High” did the trick. Seems to work almost flawlessness. I think I might still hear once in a while a small shift in timing of a MIDI note or two, but it’s very minimal, and I can use it now!
Changing the midi max feedback doesn’t seem to change much.

Thanks again