[SOLVED] Transfer InApp Purchases from Cubasis 2 problem

It simply doesn’t work here.

Any explanation of how the process is supposed to work???

Same here… all it does is take me to Cubasis 2 in the app store… nothing else.

Version 2.8.2 necessary. See also the discussion here https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/36275/cubasis-3-for-iphone-and-ipad-available
In most shops this update is yet not available.

Hi all,

These are the steps to freely transfer your Cubasis 2 in-app purchases to Cubasis 3:

  • Make sure Cubasis 2.8.2 is installed
  • Launch Cubasis 3 and open the in-app store
  • Follow the instructions of the IAP Transfer pop-up

For some reason, the Cubasis 2.8.2 did not appear on the App Store (while all updates have been released by us at the same time).
Apple runs the App Store. Hopefully, the 2.8.2 update appears soon.


Still not working ive tried everything

Cubase version 2.8.2 has not been available for 5 months.
The last Version which is available for my IPad is 2.8.1

Steinberg submitted the Cubasis 2.8.2 at the same time as they did Cubasis 3. It’s Apple who is holding the 2.8.2 update at this moment. We just need to wait, Apple is like that.

I have Cubasis SE upgraded to Cubasis 2 through in-app purchases (a long time ago). After purchasing Cubasis 3 ($NZ90), the first thing I did was to open Cubasis 2 (as per instructions posted elsewhere). There were no prompts, so I opened Cubase 3 and went to the Shop. I only see the usual “Restore Purchases” button. That returns ( “Nothing to restore”). The only thing I’ve been able to install is “RoomWorks SE” after registering with my My Steinberg login. I’ve tried rebooting my iPad Pro, but no joy.

Note that I did update to Cubasis SE 2.8.2 first (the Update option only appeared once I’d selected the app in the iTunes App Store.

I realise that I initially purchased Cubasis SE, but am certain that I checked if what I added would make it the same as Cubasis 2. The splash screen even says “Cubasis 2” and not “SE”.

Help please.

Then there’s another issue that I think I’m not the only one stuck with:

My Cubasis 2,with the in-app purchases, is on my original iPad Air that cannot be updated to ios 13 - which is needed in order to run Cubasis 3 on the same device, and at the same time Cubasis 2 wont install on my iPhone. Is there a solution for this coming?

Dear all,

Other users have reported that they were now able to download Cubasis 2.8.2 from the App Store.
Please give it a try yourself.

Here are the steps again to transfer your Cubasis 2 in-app purchases to Cubasis 3:

  • Make sure Cubasis 2.8.2 is installed
  • Launch Cubasis 3 and open the in-app shop
  • Follow the instructions on the IAP Transfer pop-up

Best wishes,

Once my IAPs have been transferred from 2.8.2, can I then remove 2.8.2 from the system?

Hi Towjam,

It should be safe to delete Cubasis 2 from your iPad, since you’re able to reinstall the app at any time.


Just a note Lars, my Cubasis 2.x in-app purchases are on an older iPad not capable of running Cubasis 3. My iPhone is where i purchased Cubasis 3. So no way to follow your instructions. Ended up re-purchasing them all, as there’s no way to get this to work in my situation. A fair amount of $ to do this. Would have been nicer if your in-app transfer recognized users who already purchased before versus being tied to a specific device. Sigh…

Hi emasters,

Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear your iPad is not capable using Cubasis 3.

Since Apple does not offer anything in this direction, our developers ahd to come up with a customised solution being able to offer free IAP transfers.
We’re unable to recognize if a customer already bought in-app purchases, apart from the available IAP transfer solution included in Cubasis 3.

We hope you will enjoy Cubasis 3!


Ok… so since the cubasis 2 2.8.2 (or whatever) I was able to transfer on my iPad… now the new question is: How do you transfer your IAPs to your phone ? Ah? :confused:

So, there’s no way to transfer IAP for iPhone users? If I transfer the IAPs on an iPad that can run C2 and C3, can I then restore the IAPs on the iPhone C3?

Hi Septimo,

In-app purchases automatically sync across all iOS devices where you are logged in.
Does this answers your question?


I have exactly the same problem. I was hesitant to buy cubasis 3 for this reason.
I don’t want to pay twice for all plugins!
please tell us at least that you are working to find a solution!

Hello Lars…

I’m still not able to transfer to the phone for some reason. I am logged in to my registered account as far as I can tell… This morning the iPad transferred perfectly after the 2 update but the phone is still giving me the “Nothing to restore” prompt… as if nothing has ever been purchased.

I own Cubasis LE 2 with the full upgrade and bought all IAP a couple months ago. This iPad can’t run iOS 13, so I’ve bought Cubasis 3 for my iPhone 11. Unfortunately I cannot restore purchases I’ve made before. What’s up with this? I’m not going to buy every single IAP again if I already bought them on the iPad. I feel scammed! Steinberg, do something about this problem. Many iOS users have this same issue. It’s a shame if it wouldn’t be possible to transfer from iPad to iPhone. This is making me mad. Just spend €55 for the freaking new Cubasis 3 and I can’t restore my bought and expensive IAP. It’s ridiculous. If there isn’t any solution, then I want a refund.