[Solved] Transpose A Selection Including Notes, Chord Symbols and New Key Signature

Is there some way of transposing a selection including key-signature, notes and chord-symbols in one step or does each item need to be individually transposed?

I have read several posts and looked through the online manual and have followed the steps in ‘Write - Transpose’. For me this transposes only the notes leaving the key and chord-symbols still to be transposed. I have tried the different options in the Write menu.

I have read that to include the key-signature change, I would need to also include the key-signature in my selection. As this is in the middle of a score , there is no visible key-signature (other than at the very beginning) so I tried adding one and this didn’t work either.

I know I must be missing something here but I can’t find what it is. I’d be grateful for any help with this.


If you use the System Track to make the initial selection, you should find that all the staves, all the chord symbols and any key signatures (within the passage) are selected.

As long as you then have the Transpose key signatures box ticked within the Transpose dialog, it should do the lot in one go.

A marquee selection that includes the chord symbols should work too. A click of the first bar followed by a Shift-click of the last bar will not work, because this only selects staff-attached items, and chord symbols are system-attached items.

Thank you pianoleo, that’s great.