[Solved] Transpose on the Info Line doesn't work!

aaaah! This is my most used feature and it doesn’t work!!! I’ve been using Cubase 10.5 up until now and it works there. Can’t find anyone else reporting this bug. Is it just me? Steinberg, heeeelp!!!

It is just you. :wink:

Really, if it were a bug there would scores upon scores of posts about such a fundamental feature. Not much else to say with such slim info. Maybe, just this: Take a breath and think – maybe you’ll remember what you’ve missed. :smiley:

Thank you, @steve for confirming that is just me :blush:

Turns out that “Transpose on the Info Line” is not possible when TAPE is chosen as your elastique algorithm.
To be fair though, to dummies like me, Steinberg should add a little side note to Operation Manual describing this behavior :innocent:

Glad you got it sorted… to be fair to SB, they did do that:

search results for Pitch Shift Algorithms

Right you are @steve yet again! I stand corrected. I must read the manual more carefully next time.
Thank you for clarifying all this @steve I appreciate it and kudos to Steinberg.
Love my Nuendo now!

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