SOLVED: Trill Symbol Issue

Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone could help me out with this bug: All of a sudden trill accidentals and “1/2” symbols have disappeared. Letters like “W” are still there. Dorico is still making space for the symbols, but the symbols are invisible in all views. I have already re-installed Dorico to no avail.
Trill Mark Missing.png

Dorico File:
Trill Symbol (419 KB)

Does it work if you change the Trill Interval font to something other than Optima? There’s a possibility that that font doesn’t contain the 1/2 character (which is one character, not three).

Let me check for that.

Yup! That turned out to be the issue. Thank you.

So maybe re-label the thread so that it doesn’t include the word “bug”, given this isn’t a bug. :wink:

Done :slight_smile: