[SOLVED] Tutorial for selection tool in Cubasis 3

Hello. I’m new to the forum and to Cubasis. I’m using Cubasis 3. I want to slow down a section of an audio track. After some hours I can select a section of a track, and just today I discovered that by tapping the sel button again I can make it stay selected. I’ve seen someone moving a selected piece out of a track and then slowing it down, but I haven’t managed to move a selected piece out myself. Is there a video showing how to do that? (I think I know how to get it to slow down once it’s taken out of the track it’s in.)
I can understand English and German, but might not understand specialised terms in either language.
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hi jmb,

I would not use the SELECT but the SPLIT function on the audio track. You can cut out the piece you need and copy it to another track or you can directly edit it then with the STRETCH function.

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hi Glendathu,

Thank you for this. I’m going to try it


I haven’t managed to use the SPLIT function. I wonder if there’s a video to show how that Is done.

That’s easy, simply mark the track you want to splice, then move the playhead (the black vertikal line) to the place where you want to cut and press SPLIT. That’s it.

Besides it’s explained in the manual ! https://www.steinberg.net/fileadmin/files/PRODUCTS/Apps/Cubasis/Cubasis_Help/TR_Tools.html

Thanks. I have applied SPLIT twice and now have a section that I can move sideways in either direction, and I can slow it down. That’s big progress. I haven’t managed to slide that section down, so that it’s not aligned with the rest of the track. Perhaps the help resource has the answer to that too, but I haven’t found it yet. Anyway, thanks again.

I’ve found out that I can create a new track and move the slowed-down section into that. This solves my problem.

Hi all,

Glad to read that the problem has been solved.

In addition, it might be helpful to have a look at our available MIDI Editor Improvements tutorial, which provides further information about how to use the “Select” tool as well.

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Hope that helps!