Solved: Unintended Channel Settings dialogue


I have a mysterious behavior in cubase 9 that is getting really annoying. When I am using my Mac I have a small Arturia MiniLab 25 key keyboard hooked up to it. I trigger drums in the Groove Agent 4 Plugin and for some reason when I hit the 2nd D# key it pops up the EQ / Channel Settings dialogue … and then sometimes hitting it again makes it go disappear. It’s not the only key to trigger it… sometimes other keys do the same thing. I know there has got to be a setting somewhere that restricts MIDI messages coming from Keyboard keys, but I can’t find where it is in Cubase! I use Ableton Live, and I know exactly where that setting is, but for some reason I can’t find it in Cubase! The first 16 keys of the Minilab can define which MIDI channel to use from the keyboard if you hold the keyboards function key at the same time… but I don’t think this is what’s causing this.

Any suggestions?

Any generic remote devices you made in Cubase?

If using midi monitor plugin in Cubase and press D you see it - but D# you see nothing but get dialog instead?
Does the key follow doing a shift octave on Arturia - seemed you had som spurious actions there?
Anything that drum map can do here - if a key is not assigned to a drum instrument?

Hmm… No… no generic remote devices. It happens if I continually press the D# key multiple times. after about 4 or 5 times the dialogue pops up. I used MIDI Monitor with all options selected and I see no extraneous messaging there. I added here the screenshot of the MIDI output right after the popup.
Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 3.13.50 PM.png
Doing the same with the D key does not produce the issue. It’s weird, I get the distinct feeling the MIDI Keyboard is generating a key command. I have been perusing my Key commands in Cubase, trying to figure out what command pops up that Channel Settings box … to see if I can find the correlation. I found the “Edit Channel Settings” command … but there is no current Key command set for it.

DOH! I found it! :smiling_imp:

On a whim I opened Device Setup and looked under “remote devices” . In the Mackie Control section, I guess the default setting for MIDI Inputs is “All MIDI inputs”. (why???) I switched that to “no devices” and PRESTO! No annoying channel settings popup when playing the MIDI keyboard!