[Solved] UR22Mk2 w MacBook Pro power question

I have a UR22Mk2 which I use with a MacBook Pro. I power the UR22 by plugging its USB cable into a USB slot on the Mac.
My problem is that whenever I’m through using the UR22, when I unplug the USB cable from the Mac, the Mac reboots and generates a warning that something caused the reboot. I get tired of this, but I don’t want to leave the UR22 turned on all the time, and there is no separate on/off switch.

Also, if I turn off the Mac, it won’t turn off, simply reboots if the UR22 is still plugged into it.

Driving me slightly nuts. Any ideas how to solve this? Would an external power supply solve it?

Turns out the problem was caused by the fact that the Steinberg USB Driver which came with the UR22MkII is not totally compatible with either High Sierra or Mojave, both of which I have used, and currently the latter.

There is a new updated driver (1.10) available from Steinberg Support which solves this. I downloaded and installed the updated driver and the issue is gone! Kudos to Apple Support for tracking down the problem and to Steinberg for fixing it.


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Exact same problem for me, you saved me. Thanks so much!