[SOLVED] UR22mkll & Cubasis LE on iPad

After connecting my interface to my iPad, I can’t record vocals without getting mechanical distortion every time. When I connect the interface to my Mac, I can record cleanly. This leads me to believe that there are no hardware defects, just something with the connectivity or settings. Followed a couple YouTube tutorials on setup, but nothing has changed. Also, same distortion issues occur when using interface with other recording apps, but when I use mic on headphones (without UR22 interface) there is no distortion.

What am I missing??

Hi DoloMIC,

Please note that the described issue has been addressed in the latest available UR22mkII and UR12 iOS 10 firmware updates, which are available at:


Please let me have your feedback if the firmware updates helps to solve the issue.


Hi Lars,

YES! I think I was downloading the wrong one. Thank you so much!


Thanks for the update, DoloMic.
Have great fun using Cubasis LE!