[SOLVED] UR44 assignable outputs playback

Is it possible to assign 2 stereo tracks to different outputs with a UR44 and the Cubasis 1.8 app?
I would like to use this setup to play tracks to an audience while having a click track in my in ear monitors.



Cubasis provides full support for the available inputs and outputs of the UR44.

(A) Set individual inputs or outputs for a track

  • Create an audio track
  • Tap the “Routing” button located in the “Inspector”
  • Tap on the small number below the “input” and/or “output” field
  • Choose the desired input/output from within the “Inputs/Outputs” menu

(B) Assigning the Cubasis click/metronome to an individual output

  • Tap on the “Setup” button
  • Open the “Metronome” tab
  • Tap the “Channels” button
  • Choose the desired output from within the “Stereo Outputs” menu
  • Make use of the “Pan” slider if applicable
  • Activate the click … :wink:

Hope that helps.