[SOLVED] UR824 not recognised by iPad mini

I’m trying to connect my iPad mini (A1432, 32 Go, lastest iOS as of Feb 2016) to my UR824 (lastest firmware 2.11) using a brand new camera connector bought today at an official apple store.
Cubasis LE version on iPad is 1.9.7 32 bit.
I am getting the exact same error message on the iPad mini as reported by voxhumana in his posts : “Steinberg UR824 : connected device is not supported.”
Tried the solution that worked for vohumana : tried several wall outlets, no success.
Tried several usb cables, no success.
Powered off and rebooted several times, tried every possible combination of “who get powered first” or “connect or disconnect before powering” : no success.
Can you help please ?

You are not alone. I have an iPad Air 2 > Cubasis > UR22mkII and get a whole lotta nothing. Cubasis will recognize my ART USB DualPro but won’t record from it or send sound to it. Super frustrated!! I’m guessing I’m missing something but I’ve tried different cables all around. Nada…

update : I also tried on my daughter’s brand new iPad air, with Cubasis LE 1.9.7 64 bits : exact same message : “Steinberg UR824 : connected device is not supported.”

Hi pierrevdd,

The UR824 has to be set in CC mode in order to be used with an iPad.
Below please find the required steps.

  • Turn on the device while holding down [+48V] button of the channel 7/8, and keep pressing the [+48V] button until a SIG/PEAK lamp flashes
  • The UR824 enters Class Compliant mode for Apple iPad connectivity. While in the Class Compliant mode, the power button flashes several times by pressing the power button
  • Once activated, launch Cubasis LE and connect the UR824 to the iPad
  • Shortly afterwards a message should appear that Cubasis LE has been successfully unlocked

To turn off CC mode of the UR824:

  • Turn on the power while holding down [+48V] button of the channel 7/8 again.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem.


Worked perfectly, thanks a lot !