[SOLVED] USB eLicenser inside a laptop?

Does anyone know if all new USB eLicensers are of the shorter type, i.e. if I buy a new USB eLicenser from the Steinberg online shop is it guaranteed to be the newer, shorter type?

The reason I ask is that I need to build one into a laptop and the older type is too long to fit. Yes, I know I would lose warranty etc., but I’ve done this previously on one that had more space inside. My idea this time is to use one of these so as to avoid having to solder.

I have not purchased one (yet) but… from what I read on this forum, if you purchase one from the Steinberg store you will get the new shorter one.

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Just following up on this - it might be useful information for others. I purchased a new USB eLicenser and yes, it’s the shorter type, the plastic seems to be more solid and moulded around the electronics rather than two flimsy shells pressed together as with the older type. It is however thicker, and although it did fit inside my laptop with the Delock PCIe card, the BIOS of that laptop expects a proprietary WWAN card in that slot and refused to boot. It should however be worth trying in other makes of laptop that are not so restrictive; the plan did in fact work from a hardware perspective, unfortunately the closed nature of the BIOS caused problems. I was worth a try though and at least I have a sturdier USB eLicenser now, with the old one as a spare.

Update: the laptop I was trying to fit the new, shorter eLicenser into is now long out of support, so with nothing left to lose, I was able to flash a modified BIOS which “whitelisted” the internal MiniPCIe port, now working perfectly with the Delock MiniPCIe-to-USB2 adapter.

Here’s what it looks like:

Pretty cool.