[Solved] Use your CC121 with Ableton Live!

I’m a Cubase user since day one and I’m using the CC121 since a few years now. I’m very happy with it. I’m so happy with it, that I started to miss it during my work with Ableton Live.
However, I didn’t find any driver/support for the CC121. So, I decided to create my own Python Remote Script for it.

It works very similar as the original Cubase integration. During the development, I found that the C121 is a much better fit to Ableton than to Cubase itself…

Find my work here:

Download the driver + manual here:

or here:


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hello Marco, does it work with Mac Os X too?

It does work under Windows 10 together with Push 2 really well. Thank you

Hi Marco,

Do you think I can update Ableton to version 10 and still using CC121?

Btw, When I load a steinberg instrument (Halion 6, Halion Sonic 3, Retrologue or Padshop Pro) on a track inside Ableton, the CC121 keep turning on and off constantly. Can’t use it.

Temporary solution: I removed steinberg plugins from VST folder and everything went back to normal. Just a head up.

I still happy tho.


Hello Leonard,
I will check on my system regarding the on off behavior.
I updated the script and runs fine with Live 10 now.

And yes, it works also with OS X.

Hey Leonard, I just loaded a Retrologue to a track and everything worked fine.
Please note this:
Live does call my CC121 script 10x a second. I use this to update the LEDs and the fader’s position. This is why you have steady outgoing MIDI traffic.
I also send the MIDI ping command that brings the live into the CC121. Without sending this ping command (every second), the CC121 turns off and the blue LED (Cubase Ready) starts blinking. This is how Steinberg locks-in the CC121 to Cubase, because Cubase starts sending this Ping command.
When Live is busy e.g. by loading a plugin or saving a project, it will not call the CC121 script and therefore the Ping command is not sent, and therefore the CC121 turns off.
So I assume that at your situation, something is blocking the CC121 script repeatedly. Maybe the Steinberg plugins are doing something that stops Live from calling the scripts. I assume that also other controllers will not work properly…? So maybe they are scanning the license or dongle or something else.

Hi, Marco,

I have used your script for Ableton 9 and 10. Cannot get it to work in the 10.1 beta though.

Have you gotten it to work? I have copied over the script files to the same places where they are for live 10, but no luck so far.


Hey Tony, I fail to activate the 10.1 beta to verify this issue. I keep trying with Abelton to sort out this issue…

I tested it at a fresh install of 10.1 and it works fine here.
Try to delete the SteinbergCC121 folder within the MIDI Remote Scripts and copy the script again from my zip file.
This would force Ableton to read them from scratch, maybe this is required after the update.
Just noticed the new devices. I guess I need to include them too…

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