SOLVED:User track pictures not showing in TP Browser

I have added some new track pictures and placed them in the recommended folder:
Using the track picture browser in the mixer, I can now “Import” a picture from that location and place it on the appropriate track. When I save the project the pictures are then saved again in the project’s Track Pictures folder as expected. However, NONE of the pictures in the main folder show up in the User tab of the browser…it’s blank.

Question: How do I get valid track pictures to appear in the User area of the TP browser??

Has the correct location for the main folder been changed in C Pro 8 or something?
Everything re. track pictures is working as expected except for this one problem.
Tried just dragging an image into the browser window, but that doesn’t work.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

SOLVED: My solution posted in case others have the same problem:
Delete the main folder “Track Pictures” at:

In my Cubase Projects main folder, I have a Track Pictures folder associated with my default project.
Place all User Tracks pictures in that TP folder.
Open Cubase and the default project and it will report that there are images used in the project that are not in the main folder.
Say ‘Yes’ to the prompt and a NEW main folder Track Pictures folder will be created at:
All User pictures should now appear in the TP browser.

I ran into this a while back when migrating to a new PC under C7. I had a ton of pics (very hard to do with digital content :astonished: ) and copied them to the proper directory on the new computer. None of them were visible in the TP browser. It seems the only way to get an image into the user tab is to use the Import function in the browser. Doing that puts the image into the proper folder & also makes it visible in the user tab. But you can only do that one image at a time, so it is useless for importing a large number of pics.

Hi Raino,
Yes I found your earlier post via a Search. I worked on this problem for a good few hours before finding a solution that worked for me (See Post above). I hope this helps you do a bulk import into the User Browser. Please note that “use the Import function in the browser. Doing that puts the image into the proper folder & also makes it visible in the user tab” did NOT work for me. I could import a picture fine, but it would not appear in the user browser after I did. Deleting that main folder, pasting All user pictures into the default project folder and then opening Cubase and the default project did the trick…all photos into the previously blank User browser at once. Yay! :slight_smile:
Cheers…and thanks for your input!

Humm, that doesn’t work for me at all. :frowning: When I open the project after copying the Track Pictures it doesn’t ask about the images and they don’t appear in the user tab. But Import does work on a single image. You’re on a Mac & I’m on a PC so that might account for the different behavior.

I just submitted a support request. Let’s see how that goes…

Totally repeatable here, but perhaps the Mac solution does indeed not work on a PC…can’t say. Did you try it with say a blank project that previously didn’t have any track pictures or creating a fresh project and then pasting in all your pictures? The trick for me was deleting the main folder outside my Cubase 8 folder holding all my projects and letting Cubase create a new main Track Pictures folder. Please do let us know if Steinberg offers any info. It would also be interesting to know if any of the other thousands of users have run into the same problem. Anyway I now have 107 User track pictures showing in the browser and available in all all projects.

I had created it using a template. But I re-did it starting with a blank project and I pre-populated its project folder with the Track Picture folder before even creating the project. Same results. One other odd thing that occurred both times is that the test pics I had used Import to put in the User Tab were still there even though the main Track Picture folder was gone. It must have some other mechanism to know about the pics.

Discovered the cause of this. Under the Steinberg folder there is a Cache folder where these images are also kept. Turns out even though they appeared in my User Tab they couldn’t be used to put on a track. And deleting the cache removed them from my User Tab.

Yes, definite difference between Macs and PCs re. how they store files, but I did find them in two different places previously as well. I am still guessing that somehow getting that prompt that I mentioned when opening a project that now contains all your user pictures instead of what was there previously may be a key to solving the problem. I seem to recall someone else mentioning the prompt in another old thread involving a discussion about some track pictures someone had made. But what else you need to do on a PC I can’t say. And yes, perhaps also starting with a blank User tab may be effective as well. So sorry, wish I could be of more help.

Well you did get me to move from the annoyed but ignoring it stage to submitting a support request - which is something.

the best way to import several picture and preserve transparency if you use PNG is :

first create a project with one audio track (to test your picture working) and save it then close it and close Cubase.

now in your new project folder you gonna have Audio & Track Pictures folders if there is no “Track Pictures” folder create it, now put all your pictures inside this folder.

launch Cubase then open the project created just before and in the loading time Cubase gonna ask you that there is pictures in this project that you don’t have in your user pictures and if you want import them so clic yes et voila all your pictures is now in your user tab pictures and most important the transparency is preserved.

Thanks, that worked. :smiley:

The key difference between this and what I was doing above is closing Cubase and not just the project. If Cubase doesn’t get closed then you don’t get the picture prompt when re-opening the project.

Still wouldn’t it be nice if we could just stick pics in the main TP folder and have them appear - just like plug-in dll files do.

But that’s basically what I reported above…place the pictures in the blank folder then open Cubase and you get the prompt when you open the project??

Yeah, I was misreading it as open the project.