[SOLVED] VariAudio won't move harmony notes

Hi all,

I have a problem with VariAudio and I can’t work it out.

If I create harmonies, when I open up the harmony items/clip and enable Pitch and Warp, if I drag any of the notes to another pitch, I can hear and see it move, but as soon as I let go of the left mouse button, it jumps back to the original pitch.

I can double click on the original clip that I generated harmonies from and move the notes in there fine.
It’s just the harmony clips that won’t let me move notes.

Also, if I select all harmony clips plus the original, they all open up with the colored bard ni the editor, but I can still only move the notes that belong to the original clip, not the harmonies.

Is there some setting I need to toggle to “unlock” the harmony clips?

This is on CP8 on Win 8.1


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I’m interested in the reply…

OK. I figured it out.

After you create the harmonies, you have to

  1. Close the sample editor window.
  2. Select the newly created harmony tracks in the project window.
  3. Click on the Chords section of the Inspector
  4. Change “Single voice” to “Chords and scales”
  5. Go back to the sample editor and you can move all notes freely.

It would be good if you could do this from the sample editor window.
Or, by default it let you just move the notes once it opens in the sample editor window. Otherwise, it seems kind of pointless opening the sample editor window after generating harmonies if you can’t actually edit them without closing the window and changing the track settings.

Just wanted to add something that I noticed. I used your method and gained moderate success in this particular issue and I discovered that if I selected the original track and told IT to follow the chords and scales, the harmonies miraculously were freed from their bondage.

hope that helps someone in the future with this issue

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but no matter what, to make any changes you still have to leave the sample editor, which as the original poster notes, that kind of makes “open in sample editor” kind of pointless in the first place, I also believe that behavior should be updated to give the option to edit in sample editor without having to leave it to adjust it.

The problem I’m having with this is when I use this method, it then moves all of the notes in the original harmony. I’m sure there is something else so simple that I am overlooking it but this shouldn’t be a default setting especially since variaudion can’t yet generate perfect harmonies.