[SOLVED] Video won't start on second song

I’m just getting started on VST live.

I’ve put two songs in a setlist. At the end of the first song - there’s an action to start the next song.

The second song starts, and the backing track starts playing. The video comes up on its first frame, but doesn’t play.

A second issue - when importing the video, it asks if I want to import the audio too - it imports, even if I select no.

True, will fix.

Can’t reproduce:

  • new project
  • add midi track
  • doubleclick to create a MIDI event, drag between left/right locator (5 - 9)
  • add Song
  • import video file
  • back to Song 1
  • Song End Action to “Start next Song”
  • play

When MIDI event end is reached, the second Song starts to play and video is rolling.

There may be a problem with your video file, can you try another one? What format is it? If it’s short and the problem remains, you may send it. Also: if you just create a new project and import the video, does it play?

Thank you for the quick reply.

I’ve tried a new project, with different video files, and experienced the same problem.

There is a video running on song 1. When it switches to song 2 - the first frame comes up, but it doesn’t play.

If I stop the program and restart - the video plays.

They’re MPEG-4 files by the way

Still no problem here.

  • new project
  • import video
  • new song
  • import another video
  • select Song 1
  • set Song End to Start next Song
  • run: all fine, 2nd video plays when Song 2 is selected and run automatically.

Are your video events always running from the top of the Song?

ah - tried again when 2nd video is offset, and then can reproduce your problem. Will fix, thanks for reporting!

They’re a few bars into each project.

Right, just edited my reply. You’re too quick :slight_smile:

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v1.1.2 seems to have fixed it thanks.