(SOLVED) Virtual Guitarist 2 install problem

Just completed new PC build and going through the long process of installing all my music software

When it comes to my beloved Virtual Guitarist 2 there is a problem, I now remember it was purchased as an update from the original version 1, it was many many years ago that I originally installed it on my old PC, now the DVD asks for me to insert the original Virtual Guitarist CD before it will even start the installation - the only problem is that I got rid of the original CDs many years ago, never thought they would be needed again seeing as how I have the VG2 DVD and activated VG2 license on my USB eLicenser

As an unsupported piece of software I’m assuming Steinberg would not be able to help me - anyone got any ideas as to how to solve this problem?
I’ve got the DVD, the active license, and even the software still installed on my old PC but no obvious way of installing it onto the new one - help!!

I’m sure Steinberg can do something for you if you have the USB eLicenser of VG2…

Will give support a try, hopefully they will be in a good mood today :slight_smile:

Wow!! The support team came through!!

Unbelievably helpful, got back to me within a couple of hours with a link to the full VG2 ISO
Also kind enough to point me in the direction of https://www.virtualguitarist.com made by the same team (which I did know about, but the fact that they were happy to recommend them was impressive)
I’m so very grateful and seriously impressed by their support, never needed to use it before but cannot fault them, well done Steinberg, absolutely brilliant! :smiley: