SOLVED: VMR gives "fatal error" message (Interesting update)

I’m using the latest version of Slate Digital’s Virtual Buss Compressors and it works great. But everytime I close a project that uses it, I get the fatal error pop-up prompt. It’s not a total crash as I can still use Cubase after the fact, but I just restart the DAW just in case. Has anyone else experienced this? None of the other Slate plugins I have do this and it’s definitely VBC that’s the problem. I even have the .dmp files if I should make a post in the issues section.

I had some fatal issues with VCC. I contacted slate and they fixed it up. Recommend you do same.

If not allready, make sure you use the Vst2 version of the VBC and VCC.

I have used all Slate plugins for years, without any problems what so ever.
But there is known to be some issues with their Vst3 versions.

Hope you’ll get it sorted.

Have tested a couple of mixes using VBC on mix bus. Haven’t had any crashes so far. Windows 8.1 using VST 2 versions.

I have just done some thorough testing. First, I removed all instances of Slate’s Virtual Buss Compressors, saved and closed the project, but was still met with the “serious problem” prompt. Next, I tested by removing FabFilter’s Pro Q 2. However, I was met with the same result. Finally, I removed all 17 instances of Slate’s Virtual Mix Rack and successfully closed the project without any crashes. What’s interesting is once I re-added a few instances, saved and closed…I didn’t get any crashes there either. So I’m wondering if this is a Cubase issue or a Slate VMR issue.

EDIT: I just discovered that I AM using the VST3 version of VMR. I’m wondering if that’s causing the issue and I should try using the VST2 version?

Yes, definitely try the VST2 versions. I had similar problems using Slate + VST3

Yup, switching the VST2 versions solved my issue. :slight_smile: