[SOLVED] VST Playback Issue in Cubase 5

I am having an issue within Cubase 5. Whenever I play a loaded VST instrument in real time, it sounds fine, but when I listen back to a recording or render the recording out, it sounds “tinny”. When I load an audio track into Cubase 5 and play that, it sounds fine, so the issue is only with VSTs. Below is a video showing the difference between the sound quality of real time playing vs the recording playback. I used a Kontakt instrument in this example, but the problem persists with all kinds of VSTs. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

The video example can be found here: http://youtu.be/TgWLkXvPTJc

[SOLVED] Got some help from the folks over at the RecordingReview forums, so thanks to those lads. The issue was that the MIDI notes were recording twice, one note on top of another. The reason it recorded twice was that my input was set to “All MIDI Inputs”. Just selecting one from my keyboard stopped it from doubling.